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About Brendan Davidson

I began experimenting with metals at 8 years old making toy soldiers from lead while living in Ireland. My fascination with transformation of raw materials into creative objects led me to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology (go Tigers!) I gained a lot of practical knowledge and experience working for some of the top jewelers in New York City in sales, repairs and eventually design.

Most of my earliest designs have a Celtic theme which is owed to my childhood in Ireland where my love of rugged nature was bred. I enjoy using stones and fossils in my pieces for their simplistic connection to the earth.

As my work progressed I began incorporating these elements into more traditionally designed pieces and getting more comfortable with gemstones, especially diamonds. I’ve made engagement rings for several friends and it’s always such an honor to get that request.

My latest bent is toward even less traditional designs, really just embracing what speaks the loudest. Apparently skulls are really loud. My recent designs have developed an edgier element that represent a shift in perspective, of the world and where I stand in it. These recent designs represent a playful pursuit of happiness along this long, strange, savage road


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